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tai chi

May 27, 20174 months ago

2017 International Wushu Festival and National Kung Fu / Sanda Championship Results

Dear all,

On behalf of WushuCanada and host WushuOntario, we sincerely thank you once again on your successful participation at the 2017 International Wushu Festival and National Kung Fu / Sanda Championship.  We humbly thank the dedicated work from our Officiating and Volunteer team that has made this event a great success.  Further, we congratulate all of the participants and coaches on their continuing perseverance towards excellence in sport.

Please forward these results to all on your Wushu list!

Sanda Results and Medals are to come-We congratulate the sanda participants and their inaugural reintroduction of Sanda to Canada.
Results will be posted up ASAP on

In the mean-time here they are.

Note the Technical error we found on day 1 results due to an error in the formula used for calculations. Final Results are fixed as per WushuCanada/WushuOntario Policy for transparency and accuracy. This directly affected several results and have been noted on record.

Please provide feedback and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Junior Final Medal Results

Download (PDF, 72KB)


Senior Final Medal Results

Download (PDF, 75KB)


Open Division Results

Download (PDF, 111KB)


Taiji Division Results

Download (PDF, 69KB)


Ving Tsun Results

Download (PDF, 66KB)

May 19, 20175 months ago

Notice of Wushu Training Course in July by CWA

Download (PDF, 468KB)

February 4, 20161 year ago

Clean Green & Beautiful Awards

"This project embodies the Clean, Green & Beautiful spirit that makes Thunder Bay a great place to live. Thank you for setting an example that others will follow for years to come." Mayor Keith Hobbs Read more
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