February 4, 2016 Posted by wingchun in Community News, tai chi

Clean Green & Beautiful Awards

City of Thunder Bay 
Clean Green & Beautiful Awards

"This project embodies the Clean, Green & Beautiful spirit that makes Thunder Bay a great place to live. Thank you for setting an example that others will follow for years to come." Mayor Keith Hobbs

The Bronze Award goes to the International Taiji Park at the Waterfront for it's dynamic landscaping, celebrating cultural heritage and public creating amenities. The International Taiji Park – a volunteer initiative initiated by the Peng You Taiji Quan Association – began as a dream for a space to practice Tai Chi in an unsurpassed location. This park is the first of its kind, not only in Canada, but in the world. And all Seven Grand Masters from China flew to Thunder Bay to see this unique park. What an honour! The park's concept incorporated a strategically erected Moon Gate to provide a beautiful view of the Sleeping Giant and an entrance to a peaceful, serene destination for the community to practice a healthy activity and connect with the natural surroundings. The Taiji Association, in conjunction with the City, has undertaken the daily cleaning and maintenance of the Ying Yang Pad, the Moongate and the surrounding landscaping. The Taiji Park was designed by Walter Kuch of FORM Architecture Engineering and built by NST contracting.
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