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Wushu Canada offers several coaching and awards programs to help give students clear goals to strive for while developing, coaches and teachers tools to make their students more successful and finally recognition for those who have contributed to the Chinese Martials Arts community in Canada.

The following is a summary of the Certifications and Awards offered by Wushu Canada.

Accredited Student Rankings This program is targeted for students within our member schools. Each level is obtained by meeting a set of requirements determined by the individual schools based on a curriculum and framework provided by WushuCanada. The goal of the Accredited Student Ranking is to provide Wushu students across Canada with challenges to work towards while furthering their Wushu training in their independent member school.

Accredited Coach Rankings This program is for seasoned Wushu practitioners who wish to pursue coaching within the community. The goal of the program is to ensure that those teaching Traditional and recreational Wushu can provide a quality level of instruction in a safe environment.

Certified Coach This program is designed for Wushu coaches wishing to obtain NCCP status to train elite athletes with aspirations to compete at the highest levels. Each Certified Coaching level is offered in conjunction with the National Certified Coaching Program of Canada (NCCP). This program is in development with launch date scheduled for 2013.

Achievement Awards/Duan Wei These awards are bestowed to members of the Wushu community, by WushuCanada, who have distinguished themselves through contributions to the development and success of the Chinese martial arts in Canada.


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