The 2024 Wushu Sports Festival & National Championship takes place August 3-4 at the prestigious Markham Pan Am Centre.
Registration is now open; please follow the DIRECTIONS BELOW to ensure a smooth and accurate process.

STEP 1 – To register for the event go to and first set up a membership account if you have not done so already.
STEP 2 – Ensure you have the appropriate MEMBERSHIP status that is required for the event you are intending to participate in. RECREATION or HIGH-PERFORMANCE Athlete Membership.
STEP 3 – Select and purchase Ticket According to your event REGISTRATION FEE.
STEP 4 – With your INVOICE Number proceed to complete the event details submission on the event 2024 Nationals Event Page. 

DEADLINES Registrations: All registrations close July 26, 2024, at noon eastern time. Late registrations will be permitted until July 31, 2024, with a $100.00 late fee. Sanda registrations will not permit late registrations.

Volunteer Program:
Receive an official event t-shirt for your voluntarism!
Daily Lunch provided to our volunteers.
Secondary School students earn hours towards their graduation requirements.
Contributing as a volunteer is an amazing way to develop new skills and gain experience in announcing, music coordinating, event planning, and more. This is a great way to connect with martial artists and industry professionals and also enhance your resume with valuable hands-on experience.
Join us for an extraordinary weekend full of growth and a thrilling experience! Email us with your name and contact to get involved or complete the volunteer submission below.

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      ONLY Sanda Class A, B & C Upload Medical Form WO36 Here

      ALL PARTICIPANTS Upload Event Waiver Here