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Canadian Nationals

Canadian Qualifier for the 13th World Wushu Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia November, 2015
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2015 International Wushu Sports Festival

Super Elite Wushu Cup & Traditional Wushu Cup
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Super Elite Cup

IWuF Optional and Junior Wushu Routine Regulation Events and DuanWei Wushu Routine Events
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Traditional Wushu Cup

Traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi Routine Events
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Home to our Canadian Wushu Champions
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2015 International Wushu Sports Festival - Registration Packages Ready for Download
Welcome to, the official home of the Canadian Wushu Movement. Wushu is the essence of Chinese Martial Arts and is an officially recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee.  Wushu includes non-combative Taolu or Routine Competition as well as full-contact Sanda or Combative Competition.
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May 1, 201522 days ago

2015 International Wushu Sports Festival - August 18 to 28, 2015

We are pleased to announce the 2015 International Wushu Sports Festival taking place in Toronto, Ontario. In this first annual event, we will be bringing together the top martial artists from around the world to compete and to experience the cultural enrichment festivities in Toronto, Canada’s #1 city.

The Wushu festivities will be held from August 18-28, 2015; the competition will be a 2 day event from August 22-23 at Centennial College.

The competition will include the Canadian National Wushu Team Selection with the top male and female athletes qualifying for the 13th World Wushu Championships in Jarkarta, Indonesia held November 2015.

Official Website: Click Here
Registration Information Package and Forms: Download Here
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April 15, 20151 month ago


Sunny Tang Martial Arts Center is proud to introduce the new standardized training uniforms recognized by Wushu Canada available to all member schools.

New Wushu Training Wushu Uniforms

For inquiries, feel free to contact us by email or phone as seen at the bottom of the screen under Company Info.

Best Regards,

Wushu Canada
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April 15, 20151 month ago


Wushu Canada was honoured to invite Professor Lin XiaoMei of ZheJiang University and Senior Coach Chen GouAn to host the Traditional Wushu Courses held in Toronto from February 14th-15th and February 28th-March 1st.

Professor Lin XiaoMei, MP Lois Brown with President Sunny Tang and other delegates. Member of Parliament Lois Brown and Professor Lin XiaoMei with President Sunny Tang

The training courses were successfully held at the headquarters of Wushu Ontario. Professor Lin taught the Bagua Zhang and Shuang Jian while Senior Coach Chen taught the Xingyi Quan and Chunqui Dadao. At the training, there were 40 people who attended the courses and most of them were young people, but this training also attracted a few middle-aged students. All the participants received the certificates signed by Professor Lin and Senior Coach Chen GouAn.

Senior Coach Chen GouAn during the Chunqui Dadao training course.

This Certified Coaching program is focused on encouraging Coaches and the young generation to study the NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) and CPR First Aid Courses. As designated by the Coaches Association of Canada in conjunction with the provincial coaching associations, these requirements along with a Criminal Check, will allow for more competent coaches and ensure the safety and development of young and old athletes.

Professor Lin and Senior Coach Chen with some of the course participants showing their certification

There were 30 people certified in total - 11 were successfully certified as Accredited Trained Community Coaches, 18 were certified as Accredited Community Coaches and 1 member was certified as an Accredited Master Community Coach. All participants received their certificates at the 7th Canadian National Martial Artists Achievement Awards ceremony, presented by MP Lois Brown, the Deputy Consul of the People's Republic of China, Xu Wai, MPP Michael Chan as well as some councilors.

Best Regards,

Wushu Canada
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February 6, 20153 months ago

Wushu Canada Press Release

At the last meeting held at Chengdu on 31st October 2014, the Executive Committee of the International Wushu Federation announced two important voting issues:

1. Wushu will be an official event at the 29th Summer World University Games to be held in Chinese Taipei.

2. With immediate effect, the Traditional Wushu Baguazhang, Shuangjian, Xingyiquan and Chunqui Dadao are officially included in the future World Wushu Championships.

Wushu Canada, in order to cultivate more outstanding coaches and athletes, will organize a series of Traditional Wushu training in February. Members or non-members who possessed the Traditional Wushu or Tai-Chi experience, are welcome to participate in these lessons.

We are honored to have the Chinese Senior Judge Professor Lin Xiaomei and the Senior Wushu Coach Chen Guoan come to Toronto to host the lessons.

For inquiries, please email or call Senior Master Sunny Tang at 647-222-2288 or Sifu Patrick Wu at 416-402-9780.

Best Regards,

Wushu Canada

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September 27, 20147 months ago

PanAm Wushu Championships

Congratulations to Team Canada for their outstanding performance at the PanAm Wushu Championships! We won 20 gold medals and 46 medals in total. A round of applause for our gold medalists: Erica Li, Tiauna Steadford, Albert Yeung, Sarah Lam, Anita Chew, Andrea Hung, Murray Yiu-Chun Cheung, Lissy Liu, Derek Luong, Paco Huang, Eric Luong.

Attached are the final rankings for Team Canada.

PanAm Wushu Championships Results