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Congratulations to our Junior National Team

7 Medals at the 5th World Junior Wushu Championships March 12-18, 2014, Antalya, Turkey
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World Junior Champions

Winnie Cai - Gold & Bronze Medals Anita Chew - Gold and 2 Silver Medals Amy Yeung - Bronze Medal Derek Luong - Bronze Medal
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Congratulations to our Olympic Qualifiers

Anita Chew / Amy Yeung / Nima Rahnema who will be heading to the 2014 Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China
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Congratulations to our 2014 Olympic Qualifiers

Anita Chew / Amy Yeung / Nima Rahnema who will be heading to the 2014 Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China
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Home to the Canadian Wushu Movement
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Home to our Canadian Wushu Champions
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2014 Junior National Championships - Packages Ready for Download under EVENTS
Welcome to, the official home of the Canadian Wushu Movement. Wushu is the essence of Chinese Martial Arts and is an officially recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee.  Wushu includes non-combative Taolu or Routine Competition as well as full-contact Sanda or Combative Competition.
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March 10, 20141 month ago

5th World Junior Wushu Championships

Antalya, Turkey - Good luck to WushuCanada athletes participating this week at the World Junior Championships. Women's Team - Amy Yeung / Anita Chew / Tiauna Steadford / Winnie Cai / Erica Li / Julia Fejedelum. Men's Team - Philip Wong / Nima Rahnema / Terence Tran / Isaiah Wong / Brandon Luo / Derek Luong. Sanda - Maruf Chowdhury. We thank our accompanying officiating and coaching staff - Alexander Kwok / Alan Tang / Jennifer Gu / Wayland Li / Cai Z. / Chris Hader.
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February 17, 20141 month ago

Official members of the 2014 Canadian National Junior Wushu Team

Group A (16-18)
Male: Phillip Wong - Ontario
Male: Nima Rahnema - Ontario
Female: Amy Yeung - Ontario
Female: Anita Chew - Ontario

Group B (13-15)
Male: Terence Tran - Ontario
Male: Isiah Wong - Alberta
Female: Tiauna Steadford - Ontario
Female: Winnie Cai - Alberta

Group C: (8-12)
Male: Brandon Luo - Alberta
Male: Derek Luong - Ontario
Female: Erica Li - Ontario
Female: Julia Fejedelem - Ontario
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February 14, 20142 months ago

2014 Nationals Draw Lot Results

Group A Draw Results
Group B Draw Results
Group C Draw Results
Please note Group B Gunshu will start 1 Chen Anna followed by 2 Wong Emily
Please note Group C Gunshu will start 1 Pun Evelyn
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February 13, 20142 months ago

2014 Junior National Championship Schedule

Schedule of events for February 15-16, 2014

Day 1
9:00am - doors open for athletes & coaches (floor open for warm up)
9:30am - doors open for spectators
10:00am - floor open for warm up of first 2 events ONLY
10:30am - Opening remarks
11:00am - Group C Changquan (boys and girls)
12:30pm - Group B Jianshu (boys and girls)
1:00pm - Sanda Qualifier Bouts Begin - Taolu Lunch break
1:45pm - Group A Changquan (boys and girls)
2:15pm - Group A/B TaijiJian (boys and girls)
2:30pm - Group A Nanquan (boys and girls)
2:45pm - Group B Nanquan (boys and girls)
3:00pm - Group C Daoshu (boys and girls)
4:00pm - Group C Jianshu (boys and girls)
4:30pm - Group B Daoshu (boys and girls)

Day 2
9:00am - doors open
9:15am - WushuCanada AGM Members Meeting
10:00am - floor open for warm up of first 2 events ONLY
11:00am - Group B Changquan (boys and girls)
11:30am - Group C Gunshu (boys and girls)
12:30pm - Group A Jianshu (boys and girls)
12:45pm - Group A Daoshu (boys and girls)
1:00pm - Lunch Break
1:30pm - Group A/B Nandao (boys and girls)
2:00pm - Group A/B Taijiquan Followed by Duilian(boys and girls)
2:30pm - Group C Qiangshu (boys and girls)
3:00pm - Group B Gunshu (boys and girls)
2:30pm - Group B Qiangshu (boys and girls)
3:45pm - Group A Qiangshu (boys and girls)
4:00pm - Group A Gunshu (boys and girls)
4:15pm - Group A/B Nangun (boys and girls)