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Home to our Canadian Wushu Champions
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Welcome to, the official home of the Canadian Wushu Movement. Wushu is the essence of Chinese Martial Arts and is an officially recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee.  Wushu includes non-combative Taolu or Routine Competition as well as full-contact Sanda or Combative Competition.

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February 26, 201727 days ago

New Media Officer

WushuCanada would like to introduce Ms. Amy Tuen, who will be our new Media Officer. As Media Officer Amy will be sending out information for WushuCanada and Wushu Ontario regarding upcoming events, functions, and important updates. If you are a member or non-member and would like to receive this information please provide your email address in the newsletter subscription box on the sidebar.
Pictures from the 2016 Canadian Wushu Achievement Awards and Wushu Hall of Fame
January 9, 20172 months ago

Congratulations to the following athletes...

Congratulations to the following athletes who will represent Canada for the 2017 World University Summer Games to be held in August 17-22, 2017 in Tai Pei.

Philip Wong (Nan Quan / NanGun combined) - Toronto
Jason Chen-Leung (Chang Quan)- Calgary Jordan Banker (Men Sanda 82 Kg.) - Ottawa

Megan Tsang (Taiji Quan and Jian combined) - Edmonton
Jeneva Beairsto (Chang Quan) - Vancouver

Best Regards

Sunny Tang/ President

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