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Canadian Qualifier for the 13th World Wushu Championships in Jakarta, Indonesia November, 2015
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2015 International Wushu Sports Festival

Super Elite Wushu Cup & Traditional Wushu Cup
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Super Elite Cup

IWuF Optional and Junior Wushu Routine Regulation Events and DuanWei Wushu Routine Events
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Home to our Canadian Wushu Champions
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Welcome to, the official home of the Canadian Wushu Movement. Wushu is the essence of Chinese Martial Arts and is an officially recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee.  Wushu includes non-combative Taolu or Routine Competition as well as full-contact Sanda or Combative Competition.

National Grading Recipients

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  • 3rd Annual Grading 2006 - View
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  • 5th Annual Grading 2010 - View
  • 6th Annual Grading 2012 - View
  • 7th Annual Grading 2014 - View


February 4, 20163 days ago

Clean Green & Beautiful Awards

"This project embodies the Clean, Green & Beautiful spirit that makes Thunder Bay a great place to live. Thank you for setting an example that others will follow for years to come." Mayor Keith Hobbs Read more
January 29, 20169 days ago

New Tradtional Kung Fu TV Series on OMNI TV!

Sudden Master, is a Martial Arts epic about tradition, vengeance and love. With stunt performers from Resident Evil, Pacific Rim, and Lost Girl and choreography by a world champion martial artist, Sudden Master is the actions series that will have audiences ready to get up and fight. Read more

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