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2023 International Wushu Judges Training & Certification Courses

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2023 PAWF Intercontinental Wushu Judges Training & Certification CoursesInternational Wushu Judges Training & Certification Course 2023 - IndonesiaInternational Wushu Judges Training & Certification Course 2023 - EgyptThe PAWF Certification Course for Judges will be held [...]




August 3-6, 2023
Markham Pan Am Centre
supported by the City of Markham and the Province of Ontario

We can’t wait to see you in Canada! Join us on a day full of fun and adventure with transportation on us

4th Pan American KungFu Championships - Canada

Have you booked your stay for the 4th PAKFC?

All Official Hotels of the 4th PAKFC are at Full Capacity!
If you do still require a hotel room please contact us directly ASAP. We may still have a solution to assist you.
Please Contact Our Organizing Committee ([email protected]).

NOTE: All participants do not have obligation to stay at official hotels, however please understand we are not responsible for your transportation.

*4th PAKFC Age Bracket Correction*
Group A: Under the age of 8 (Born on or after January 1, 2016);
Group B: Ages 8-11 (Born between January 1, 2012 and December 2015);
Group C: Ages 12-17 (Born between January 1, 2006 and December 2011);
Group D: Ages 18-39 (Born between January 1, 1984 and December 2005);
Group E: Ages 40-59 (Born between January 1, 1964 and December 1983);
Group F: Ages 60 and above (Born on or before December, 31, 1963).

  • Take advantage of EARLY BIRD pricing deadline May 15, 2023
    • Pay for your Event Participation ONLINE!
  • Step 1 – Go to payment portal
  • Step 2 – Register your account
    • Single account may be created for all team participants by team leader
    • You DO NOT need to create an account for each participant
  • Step 3 – Purchase events and tickets in shopping cart:
    • Select number of  tickets based on the events each participant wish to register in
    • Select number of tickets for Team Leaders and Coaches needed
    • There are NO Fees for observers and spectators
  • Click Here to go to ONLINE Payment Portal

All Official Hotels of the 4th PAKFC are fully booked.
Please Contact Our Organizing Committee ([email protected]).

4th PAKFC Combative Events


Multiple levels and age groups from 8 years old to 40+!
The FIRST time to offer multiple contact levels and age brackets
in an International Event!
Experience the Thrill of Competition

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A testing ground for all the hard work you have been putting in!
Showcase your ability to defend and counter with speed, accuracy,
and determination against your fellow competitors!
Numerous categories to compete in with a range of age groups.

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4th PAKFC Forms Events


The focal point of the PAKFC
Barehand Forms and Weapon Routines
Showcasing the many styles of KungFu!
Numerous Categories and Awards to be won….
Be a Pan Am Champion!
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Demonstrating internal power, balance, and graceful movements.
Unique divisions, categories and age groups for all styles of Tai Chi.
Take part in the festivities!
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Routine Events including Bare Hand, Short Weapon, and Long Weapon.
Prove your hard work and show off your personal style.
Challenge yourself and compete with world champions!
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2023 16th WWC
November 14-22, 2023
Dallas, Tx, USA
or Event Details

*Jason Chen Leung – Calgary, Alberta
*Rex Lam – Toronto, Ontario
*Murray Cheung – Calgary, Alberta
*Paco Huang – Calgary, Alberta
*Brandon Luo – Edmonton, Alberta (Reserve)

*Winne Cai – Calgary, Alberta
*Erica Li – Toronto, Ontario
*Kiyan Leung – Toronto, Ontario
*Grace Wiebe – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
*Ashley Liu – Toronto, Ontario (Reserve)

2023 PAKFC
August 03-06, 2023
Markham, Ontario, Canada
or Event Details

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OPEN to All Participants

2023 PAKFC Judging Course
May 22-25, 2023
Lubbock, Texas, United States
or More Details

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The Importance of YOUR Membership and Involvement

Welcome to 2022 and the Official WushuCanada website.

WushuCanada is the National Sports Organization (NSO) responsible for the selection of the Canadian National Team for participation in international wushu sports competition. As the NSO we offer a range of resources in various training areas and can offer learning opportunities for coaches, officials and athletes.

WushuCanada along with WushuOntario and it’s other provincial sports affiliates has proudly teamed up with UPLIFTER Inc. to utilize software and online engineering in order to provide our clubs, coaches, athlete, officials and general members with access to as much information and resources as possible pertaining to the growth of the Wushu and KungFu in Canada.  This new platform will allow us to effectively communicate and to provide ease of registration and support to you all.

Memberships for participants and clubs in WushuCanada are governed by the provincial sports organization under each respective province and provides quality assurance in resources and operations regarding programming and sanctioned events.  We aim to introduce and adopt all provinces and clubs to the new system to allow for a seamless communication line and to aid our members and their participants in providing a high standard of support and benefit towards their membership with WushuCanada.

WushuCanada is a collective of the Clubs and Individual members of each Provincial Sports Organization.  Your involvement ensures the quality of recognized coaching and officiating and as well opportunities and support towards Canadian Athletes representing our country.  Signing up is now easier and more important than ever; learn more about your role in the Wushu Movement and get involved.

  • Keep organized and keep track of your membership growth for Provincial Recognition
  • Effectively communicate with the Wushu Community and the National Organization
  • Financially grow and become accountable to support your clubs, coaches and athletes
  • Efficiently organize and sanction Wushu events in your province
  • Gain independence and aid your clubs and athletes in sport development
  • Attain recognition from your Ministry of Sport
  • Attain opportunities for funding and sponsorship
  • Contact WushuCanada to lead your Province in the growth of Wushu across Canada
  • Sign up for an independent UPLIFTER Management Website under partnership rates with WushuCanada
  • Keep organized and keep track of your students body with ease
  • Save time, money and paperwork with online payment processing and club registrations
  • Effectively communicate with the Wushu Community and the National Organization
  • Become time efficient with less focus on administration duties and more on training athletes
  • Utilize WushuCanada programs and resources to support your member athletes
  • Increase student enrolment by offering Globally recognized program content
  • Increase student membership through national level marketing and promotions
  • Grow marketing opportunities for your club together with the Canadian Wushu Movement
  • Gain independence and foster your athletes with sport development resources
  • Become a Full Member Club to qualify towards maximum recognition and support for your club and athletes
  • Utilize the WushuCanada sport insurance program to save in overhead and to ensure adequate coverage in day to day activities
  • Become a Recognized WushuCanada Club here
  • Gain valuable access to IWuF / NCCP training and certification resources
  • Increase content in your programs through Wushu coach training courses
  • Update your skills with valuable knowledge content from globally recognized programs
  • Ensure you are certified to meet the standards of National and International Sporting Bodies
  • Be on the list of certified coaches to reach the awareness of potential students and parents
  • Gain access to the standards to international multi-sport games and events
  • Qualify for support and recognition through participation in IWuF sanctioned events
  • Access IWuF and WushuCanada training courses for Rules and Regulations to Wushu Sport
  • Access valuable training and program courses for coaching in Wushu to expand your curriculum
  • Become a Recognized WushuCanada Coach here
  • Qualify to participate in National and International events
  • Gain support and recognition for your achievements as an athlete
  • Gain access to National Team perks and resources
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  • Qualify for support and recognition through participation in National and IWuF sanctioned events
  • Create a profile for sport, education and career purposes
  • Gain access to WushuCanada support for references and referrals
  • Be part of the sport you love and let it help you reach your goals
  • Become a Recognized WushuCanada Athlete here
  • Gain valuable access to IWuF / NCCP training and certification resources
  • Opportunities to participate in Local, Provincial, National and International events
  • Update your skills with valuable knowledge content from globally recognized programs
  • Ensure you are certified to meet the standards of National and International Sporting Bodies
  • Benefit with travel and participation opportunities in the sport you love
  • Access IWuF and WushuCanada certification courses for Rules and Regulations to Wushu Sport
  • Access valuable training and program courses for officiating in Wushu
  • Become a Recognized WushuCanada OFFICIAL or JUDGE here
  • Support your athletes and love for the sport
  • Stay informed with the latest developments of Wushu
  • Communicate and receive updates with WushuCanada
  • Receive special rates and opportunities on events and programs
  • Become a Recognized Wushu Enthusiast here


WushuCanada is devoted to excellence in training and programming opportunities for coaches and officials.  We are also focused on developing leaders in the many disciplines of the martial arts who strive to make a difference towards the success of Canadian athletes.

  • Global focus – our officials are provided IWuF accreditation opportunities and National Coach Certification Program training courses.

  • Accreditation courses – we encourage learning and growth for our coaches and officials to best serve the development of our athletes.

  • Investing in our people – education is a right not a privilege, WushuCanada via its provincial sports organizations invests in its members and values their passion and dedication to the sport.




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