WushuOntario Gears Up for Annual Championship with Tai Chi Push Hand Judge Training Preparation

Toronto, May 18, 2024 — WushuOntario is proud to announce the formation of the Tai Chi and Push Hand Committee, a group of seasoned judges entrusted with overseeing the Tai Chi competitions for the upcoming WushuOntario Annual Championship. The committee, led by Master Sunny Tang and comprised of distinguished judges from the 2023 Pan Am Competition, is set to elevate the standard of Tai Chi and Push Hand judging.

The Tai Chi side of the committee includes Allen Ng, Sebastian Wong, and Lawrence Wu, while the Push Hand side boasts the expertise of Evonne Tan, Jonathan Krehm, David Robert, and Maria Choy. All members are instructors and integral parts of the Executive Committee at the renowned Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy in Toronto. With extensive experience in push hand competitions and a history of judging at WushuOntario Annual Competitions, their knowledge and dedication are unmatched.

In preparation for the championship, a comprehensive two-hour Push Hand Judge Training session will be conducted in late February or early March 2024. The training is mandatory for all Tai Chi judges from the 2023 Pan Am Competition, ensuring a high level of competence and consistency in evaluating push hand performances.

Moreover, a Judges Refresher Course for Tai Chi will be held on March 17, 2024, featuring the esteemed Master Rong Jun as the instructor. Master Rong Jun, an Anhui Provincial Wushu Team Wuying athlete, holds a bachelor’s degree in Wushu from Beijing Sport University. Currently serving as the head coach of the Swiss national wushu team and an A-level referee of the International Wushu Federation, Master Rong has 22 years of experience as a referee in various martial arts competitions, including the World Wushu and Tai Chi Championships.

All Tai Chi judges from the 2023 Pan Am Competition are invited to attend the refresher course, with additional invitations extended to judges from Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy who have expressed keen interest in participating in the Tai Chi side judging. Existing judges will be charged $50 for the refresher course, while all others will be charged $75.

WushuOntario is excited about the prospect of enhancing the judging expertise for Tai Chi and Push Hand competitions, ensuring a fair and captivating championship experience for participants and spectators alike. We look forward to the continued growth and success of Wushu in Ontario and beyond.