Step 1: Coaching Eligibility

Want to Become a Registered Wushu Coach?

The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) empowers coaches and coach developers in Wushu to enhance their coaching skills, fostering confidence and competence in their practice. This, in turn,  leads to elevated athlete and participant performance across all levels, enabling coaches to thrive and achieve excellence in the sport. Learn the ins and outs of  becoming a high qualify and financially successful coach!

Step 2: Become a Coach Member

We pride ourselves in delivering the best education possible through our partnership with The Coaching Association of Canada.

Ready to Start Your Career as a Certified Coach?

Attain Coach Membership Via WushuCanada
Follow this link:

Step 1: Login
(First register if not a member)

Step 2: Attain Your Membership
(Follow steps on WushuCanada site)

Step 3: Congratulations, You’re a WushuCanada Coach Member!
(Upload to your future NCCP Transcripts to your WushuCanada Profile)

Step 3: Register with NCCP

Register to attain an NCCP# in order to begin taking courses to fulfill your certification requirements.

Ready to Take Your Courses?

Attain NCCP# Via
Follow this link: Coaching Association of Canada Login

Step 1: Login to your NCCP Locker
(First create an account if you do not have one)
Create a locker login Click Here

Step 2: Sign up for courses in one of three ways
– Go to your Provincial Coaching Representative to see what modules are available in your area.
– Ontario Course Calendar Click Here
– Quebec Course Calendar Click Here
– British Columbia Course Calendar Click Here
– Alberta Course Calendar Click Here

Step 3: Upon Course Module Completion, you are on your way to becoming certified!
(Upload to your future NCCP Transcripts to your WushuCanada Profile)

Step 4: Required Courses

Your WushuCanada certification process provides knowledge to empower members in becoming successful both competitively and financially through coaching wushu.
To attain certification you are required to complete specific NCCP Modules at each level.

The NCCP Wushu Pathway
(6 Levels of Certification)

Certification Level LTAD Coaching Stage REQUIRED MODULES
Level 1 Active Start (Children & Teens)
Active for Life (Adults)
Fundamental Movement Skills Make Ethical Decisions
Level 2 Fundamentals Design a Basic Sports Plan Planning a Practice
Level 3 Learn to Train Nutrition Basic Mental Skills Teaching and Learning Making Head Way
Level 4 Train to Train Resistance Training Managing Conflict Prevention and Recovery Leading Drug Free Sport Coaching and Leading Effectively
Level 5 Train to Compete Developing Athletics Abilities Psychology of Performance Performance Planning Advanced Practice Planning Manage a Sport Program
Level 6 Train to Win Advanced Coaching Diploma offered at CSI-O Safe Sport Training

Step 5. Upload Your Transcript


Now that you successfully completed your NCCP modules. Sign into your NCCP account, print your transcript and upload to your WushuCanada coach membership profile.

Work with a facilitator from WushuCanada to ensure that your technical expertise in your martial art is effectively aligned with the required knowledge for each level of certification. Go to the Technical Coaching Section to review your status.

Ensure that your screening requirements are up to date (Police Check) in order to work in the vulnerable section
Click Here to obtain an Enhanced Police Information Check 

Ensure that you are knowledgeable and up to date on safety and first aid certification.

Congratulations, you are now a certified coach! Request your certificate from WushuCanada.

4. Success


By achieving your coaching certificate you will not only gain valuable expertise, but also become a part of a thriving and supportive community that will continue to nurture your growth and success.

Wondering What’s Next?

Learn how to become a successful wushu coach. Here are some possible streams to take once you’ve successfully completed your NCCP.

Find martial arts instructors in the area who are seeking qualified coaches at an already established martial arts club/school. Some may even be looking to expand on their services and need a head wushu coach.

Inquire about teaching a wushu seminar or workshop at your local gym. You may want to hold a class twice a week to train members at the gym.

During summer or school breaks, sports camps and academies frequently seek experienced coaches or instructors to lead training sessions in their programs. Check for opportunities to share your expertise in those settings.

Consider offering private coaching services to individuals or small groups who want personalized training and guidance in wushu.

Explore opportunities abroad, as some countries may have a demand for wushu coaches, either coaching national teams, working at training centers, or coaching international schools.

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