Global Recognition: IWUF Wushu Sash System

Currently the IWUF has endorsed a 9 level Sash System
WushuCanada provides a technical analysis to assist clubs
to implement this into their own unique programming.

The technical development across club programs empowers coaches in Wushu to enhance and align their coaching skills. This, in turn,  leads to elevated athlete and participant performance across all levels, enabling a level playing field in competition and format of recognition for students in Wushu.

Step 2: The IWUF Sash System

We pride ourselves in delivering programming solutions through our membership with The International Wushu Federation.

Learn to develop your martial arts programming through the use of the IWUF sash system.

How to provide an achievement based curriculum utilizing 9 levels of content.

Step 1: Recognize a template based on your club schedule and time available for classes.
(whether you can accommodate 1 / 2 / 3 or more levels of classes)

Step 2: Sash allocation for each level of classes.
(Eg. If you have 3 time slots available for classes you can devise a system
whereas each class pertains to 3 levels of sashes)

Step 3: Through NCCP Certification Utilize your knowledge.
(Assess your program and allocate content to the function of each class and sash level)

Step 3: Content Alignment

How to Align your Program Content?

Think of your content in the easiest terms: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced

White Sash, Yellow Sash, Orange Sash

Green Sash, Blue Sash, Purple Sash

Brown Sash Red Sash, Black Stripe

Customize your program content and focus on achievements!
Typically under most systems it is most efficient to develop 3-4 achievements required to attain each Sash level.

Step 4: Achievement Recognition

Your unique knowledge of martial arts can easily be aligned with the IWUF sash system.
Achievements for each sash is recommended to be distributed across 3-4 testing requirements per sash.
This can be developed and assigned based on topics such as the following:
-Bare hand routines (combinations)
-Weapons routines (combinations)
-Self defense
-Physical Fitness Challenges

Achievement Based Assessment Template
(Cater to the needs and abilities of students)

Sash Level LTAD equivalent Advancement Level Achievement Requirement
Active Start
Active for Life
Fundamentals Novice Movement Skills Striking/Stances Routine Combination Physical Assessment
Learn to Train Novice
Train to Train Intermediate Acrobatics/Difficulty Weaponry Combinations Strength Conditioning
Train to Compete Intermediate Complete Routines Self-Defense Applications
Train to Compete Intermediate
Train to Win Advanced
Train to Win Advanced Competitive Requirements
Black Stripe
Train to Win Advanced NCCP Certification Officiating Certification

Step 5. Acheivments Made Simple


Design your curriculum and achievements based on a reasonable time frame considering:
-How long you expect students to train for prior to assessment
-How many classes you offer at each sash or level
-Age and abilities of your student body
-Enjoyment of content at each level


Work with a facilitator from WushuCanada to ensure that your technical expertise in your martial art is effectively aligned with the required knowledge for each level of certification you implement for your students.
Remember that students are achievement based, they thrive on success and competition so it is best to match their levels accordingly with the difficulty of attaining each achievement.

Each acheivment your students attain can be individually recognized in many unique ways and can be updated daily, weekly or monthly whichever aligns with your class schedule structure.  Here are some examples:
-Passport system to keep track
-Striping system to indicate on sash
-Patch system
-Achievement charts

Once the student attains all achievements in their respective sash, the coach conducts an assessment or testing to move the student up to the next sash colour.

Upon attaining sashes, students then progress to the next advancement level of class as designed by YOU!

6. Implementation


By aligning your club programming you also become a part of a thriving and supportive community that will continue to nurture your growth and success in Wushu.

Wondering What’s Next?

Ensure that your coaches are now NCCP certified under the WushuCanada via the Coach Canada multisport stream.

Implement the system with sashes and achievement recognition methods to motivate and enhance your student’s learning experience.
Communicate and inquire with WushuCanada for assistance and resource support.

Global recognition and both NSO and PSO support

Your student’s will be aligned with WushuCanada recognized events in terms of participation levels via sash colour.

Feel proud that your coaches and club are members of a martial arts community and are certified with the highest level of expertise through Coach Canada.

As a member of WushuCanada, you are under a support system to assist you in promoting and maintaining your club to the highest standards.  Resources such as events, equipment, teaching materials etc. are all share within this community environment.

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