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Ontario Winter Games

2020 Ontario Winter Games

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The Ontario Winter Games is held every two years in the largest Province of Canada and is supported by the Provincial Government. The games involve over 3500 participants in 27 sports over a 4 day period.  This year marks the second term of participation since Wushu was introduced as an official event in the games. In 2018 WushuOntario sent 158 participants which included 98 athletes together with coaches, judges, officials and managers to the games and was acknowledged for its’ high caliber and spectator friendly events.  The Wushu competition offers medaling opportunities in male and female categories in different age groups through a select number of Taolu, Sanda (free fighting), Taiji and Traditional Kung Fu events.

During the 4 day competition to be held in Orillia, Ontario, Canada, the athletes will showcase Wushu to many who have never seen it before or seen it in person.  We hope to intrigue the audiences through the athleticism and abilities of the athletes and display the competition format and different sporting elements of Wushu.

All of Canada is very proud of the accomplishments of Wushu athletes and coaches in the Province of Ontario and it is a big step forward in promoting and developing the sport in the country.  This edition of the Winter Games will strive to continue the growth and passion towards the martial art of Wushu and we look forward to your participation and success.

Eileen Fauster
President WushuOntario