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August 11th, 2018 – World Wushu Day – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
In celebration of the World Wushu Day, WushuOntario will be hosting the 1st Wushu Warrior Challenge which will take place at L’Amoreaux Community Centre on Saturday, August 11th, 2018.
The event will commemorate the physical development and uniqueness that Wushu training provides and will be set up in team and individual development challenges with prizes and trophies for participants according to their achievements. Open to all athletes from all martial art backgrounds.
Where: L’Amoreaux Community Centre – 2000 McNicoll Ave, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 5E9
Time:    12pm-6pm
Subsidized For All Registered Members – No Cost
                Pre-registration only, limit to 10 participants per age and gender group for Warrior Circuit and
Sanda Development Event.
Seminars are FREE for all members – Non-members $30.00

Wushu Warrior Circuit Training Challenge – noon-2pm
 Age Groups: 6 and under / 7-9 / 10-12 / 13-15 / 16 and over
 Divisions: Boys and Girls
 Testing your skills in: Jumping, Sprinting, Stances, Strength, Balance in a TIME TRIAL CIRCUIT
How to Prepare:
Strength: Clean Push Ups, Leg Drops and Leg Lifts, Stance Holds, Chin Pull Ups
Speed and Agility: Short Distance Sprints, Continuous Tuck Jumps
Balance: Single Leg Balances, Jumping into balances
Jumping Ability: Side to Side Jumps, Scissor High Jumps,  Left/Right alternating leg jumps

Prizes: Team Trophies – for best team results – NOTE: Teams will be drafted on day of event
                Individual Trophies – Highest combined individual results (Fastest Time Trial)
                Individual Events – Highest selected event results

SANDA Development Bouts – 2pm-3pm
Developmental events – Light Contact 2 x 1 minute round sparring drills for youth.
All Ages and Genders, Participants will be matched accordingly upon registration.
                What to Bring:  Shorts, Rash Guard or Tank Top, Mouth Guard, Groin Protector, Great Attitude.

KUNG FU Seminars and Information Session: 3pm-6pm
Prior to the Events, WushuOntario will be hosting 3 seminars and lectures conducted by Wushu Professor Lin XiaoMei – IwuF Chief Referee for Taolu: 30 Minute Lecture on High Performance competition preparation and Wushu history.
Master Chen Gou – Renown Wushu Coach from China: Kwan Dao (Big Broadsword)
Master Jiang FatMing – KungFu Master from southern China: White Eyebrow KungFu (Pak Mei Style)
The development and importance of Traditional KungFu will become a pillar both globally and in Canada over the next few years.  The IWuF will be introducing KungFu specific events in future world championships and this series of seminars will in no doubt motivate and aid in its development.
What to Bring:  Comfortable training clothes, staff or kwan dao for training, Great Attitude.